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Founder's Message

Parents are your primary relationship the individuals responsible for your early stages of development, your moral code, your ethics and your ability to make choices, they basically form your world to a certain degree no one else does that but God. There were times when the weight of not having both or even one of my parents who were my source of unconditional love in this world would be so heavy on my chest that I couldn’t breathe. So many times I went through depression, then believing God to take the pain away, back to anger and frustration. I didn’t have help adjusting or dealing with the loss and I don’t have much help now. I want to make sure no one else feels the way I felt, which is why I believe God gave me the vision to start this non-profit.I created the name Allnette by combining both of my parents names (Alonzo & Annette). My life has changed in ways I could have never imagined and I know that it is only God that I’m still in my right mind. When my father died I was transitioning into high school and the struggle was real, I felt left out, abandoned but I still managed to hold it together because my mom was there. She went back to school got her GED, then went to college and got her bachelor’s degree. She fought cancer and won and then died. Let me tell you this devestated my entire world. I went into a deep depression. Insomnia, worry, doubt, anger, and emotional eating and weight gain. Not one time did people notice, I’m not saying that for sympathy I’m saying that if I felt that way I’m sure there are many others who feel that way that maybe suffering in silence.There’s not a handbook to dealing with the lost of a parent but we sure can provide support, activities in additional to other resources to others in their time of need.

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